We are more than a service provider, we are a trusted partner and advisor in your business.

Leah Ilanah started her career in a traditional setting in an apprenticeship employment in Germany. Wishing to break the cycle, she became a counselor in a job assessment and training center. There she helped young people with diverse challenges to achieve their goals, and become professionals in the job market.
After moving to Colorado, Leah started her own business offering accounting and tax services for local small businesses. She quickly noticed there was a need for more than just the number crunching. Her clients were looking for advice and guidance on how to grow their businesses and become more profitable.
With that on mind, Leah decided to blend her training in counseling and coaching into her existing business. Providing the tools and framework, she is now able to offer more value for her clients.

Leah Ilanah Business Advisory Coaching utilizes a 7-Step Pathway to Business Success

High-Level Goals & Strategy

Know where your business is now and what you wish to achieve in the coming years.

Success Factors & Strategic Goals

Review the success factors of the business and translate them into strategic goals.

Strategies, Actions & Milestones

Assess each of the strategic goals in Step 2 and create an action plan with dates and accountability to achieve them.

Monthly Business Reviews

Track the results of your business each month. Evaluate your business’ financial performance and strategy. 

Systems & Workflow

Tidy-up your business and develop processes to help execute strategies to ensure your business is not totally reliant upon you, the owner.

Employee Engagement

Align your employee goals and targets with the company, then set in play a system to motivate and engage employees through communication and accountability.

Culture Change & Sustainability

Ensure the long-term success of your business through continual top-level support and continual reinforcement of the systems in place.

Leah believes that as in life, any successful business relationship begins with communication and trust. 

” Leah empowers business owners through education and coaching services to help them transform their business, enjoy more peace of mind and to help them meet their professional and financial goals.

” Inspirational! Motivates you to get your act together. It makes you believe it can be done, no matter how tough things get. As a result we have made changes that have made money for the business. “

Leah brings her training, accreditations and experience to business owners to help them develop improved financial management systems and practices, as well as devise better processes to improve their business’s overall health. “

” It is fantastic having a resource that you can refer to at any time to help you in your business. Also, it has been invaluable to be able to ring or email someone with a particular question to discuss a problem and get a different perspective and advice. 

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