Dependable support and guidance to get the most out of your business.

What are the benefits of introducing a business advisor?

Create a Plan

Create personalized goals for successful future planning. Implement accountability and make sure you are prioritizing and making good decisions. 

Clear Vision

Have less stress and gained confidence with a vision of clear direction. “Step outside your business” and look at the big picture.


Improve your profitability & business value for increasing success. Optimize business strategy and implement best practices.


Whether you intend on growing or selling your business, work toward a better lifestyle. Provided guidance will help you accelerate your business goals.


Devise improved financial management systems, and enable a continual improvement framework that enhances the company‚Äôs reputation. 


Gain empowerment through coaching and education. Use Advisor’s knowledge and expertise to implement proven systems and avoid chasing your tail. 

An Advisor will help you create a profitable, thriving & valuable business. 

Are advisory business services right for you?

Leah Ilanah Business Advisory Coaching offers a sound, practical approach to managing your business. We offer solutions to run your business more efficiently and effectively. Become motivated, invigorated and inspired. We are more than a service provider, we are a trusted partner and advisor in your future.

Business Planning Services

Business advisors can assist with the structure and writing of your Business Plan, including competitive strategy, marketing plan and full financials. Establish a detailed action plan. Each month we will record where you are with regard to your business goals.

Building a Profitable Business

Market research statistics indicate that most small to medium sized businesses fail to build successful best practice strategies. Overcome hurdles and implement a system to create a more valuable and profitable practice.

KPI Monitoring Support

Establishing the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) enables us to accurately monitor the most important areas of your business. On a monthly basis, we will analyze business performance on numerous levels, making sure that strategies are effectively implemented.

Performance Management Services

Through consultation with you and your management team, we can assist in putting proper performance management systems in place. Maximize productivity of your staff through motivation and encouragement.

Improving Processes & Training

Improve the business processes so you are working ON the business, not IN the business. We can provide specialized software training, showing you how to implement and get the most out of various software applications.

Prepare your Business for Sale

A large majority of business owners are relying on their business as a sole source of retirement income. An advisor can help you prepare your business so that you get the best possible sale price.

We help clients with their growth process through accountability and review of their goals for success.

Why Business Advisory Coaching?

A business coach or mentor brings a fresh and unbiased perspective to improving the way you run and manage your company. They will guide, motivate, reassure and push both you and your employees, helping your business to perform at the optimum level.

Who Needs Coaching?

Many business owners and managers find their original ideas and motivations for going into business have vanished and they have just created another job for themselves. Sound familiar? We can help you to work ON your business, so that rather than a job; it becomes your working investment.

Do you have a plan to sell the business?

Your business is an investment. You will make more money out of selling your business than you will out of annual profits. We help you to develop step by step action plans to help you to build the business and maximize the eventual sale price that you will receive. These simple steps can double the value of a business over time.

Identified the problem but not sure where to go next?

Many businesses find it easy to identify the problem but solving it is another matter. A discussion with an experienced Coach may be all that is required to unearth the underlying issues and get your business growing. | (970) 759-7305